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My Triumph-ant Weekend

I was so impressed with my experience on a couple new 2018 Triumph Bonneville, I thought they not only deserved YouTube videos, but also a few words.

Now, my videos are mostly to give riders a look at what it's like in the saddle of the machines I test ride, but also to give an "every-man's" opinion on the bikes. The Speedmaster and Bobber were two of the most fun test rides I've taken, thus far. I'll let my video speak for itself, but if you are a Harley rider and haven't tested the other brands that are out there, you're doing yourself a disservice, and denying yourself some fun.

There are few brands left that I have not tried, and hope to in the near future, but I can confidently say that if I could put another bike in my "garage" other than a Harley, the 2018 Triumph Bonneville Bobber would be one of them.

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