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The 5 Most Beautiful Production Motorcycles

I’m here to discuss the top 5 most beautiful production bikes available right now (according to myself).

This list is in no particular order and I will expound on what makes each motorcycle beautiful, and I will briefly touch on the bike's performance.

I want to reiterate before we get started, that this list is about beauty, not performance. To be crystal clear, this isn't about motorcycles that were built to be amazing works of art by individual owners who have decked out there rides. This is about the bike you can walk into a dealer, sign your papers, and ride off the lot.

Again, I want to be clear, this is my opinion, which means I. CANNOT. BE. WRONG. If someone thinks the Pontiac Aztec was a beautiful car, I am allowed to think that it’s not (it definitely is not), BUT I cannot tell that person that THEY do not think it's beautiful. ARE WE CLEAR? Then Let's jump right in.

2019 Husqvarna Svartpilen 701 - Starting with this naked beauty, the Svartpilen (which means black arrow in Swedish) is everything I love in a naked sport bike. It somehow manages to capture a classic look, but at the same time be futuristic. It’s elegant, but also mean. The Svartpilen is a masterclass in making a bike that is basically blacked out but could still catch your eye in a sea of color. The unique LED halo headlight serves both in function and style. This motorcycle isn’t just good-looking, it’s also accessible. With a 692cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 4 stroke engine, and 6-speed transmission, it peaks at 75hp. And with a wet weight of only 369 lbs, it means that even the newest riders could consider owning this ride. And with a starting price of under 12 grand, I say why not?

The 2019 Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide (shown in Red Pepper) - It begins with the most powerful V-Twin engine ever offered from the H-D factory, which is only available in the CVO models. This tourer’s beauty is in the details. With Harley Davidson’s envied fit and finish, the Road Glide is covered with a premium paint job, along with Boom Box infotainment and audio. Harley even made efforts to include the integration of Apple Car Play, as well as updating the dash’s interface to be more intuitive and make it easier to use for the rider. To me, Harley’s Custom Vehicle Operations hit this one out of the park. Each time I walk around this bike, I admire it more. And even with all of the bells and whistles on this machine, they still managed to show off the 117 cubic inch black and chrome Milwaukee 8 engine, accented with red around the rocker box. If you’ve got forty-three grand to drop on a motorcycle, you could be riding cross-country, turning-heads in comfort and style.

The 2019 Triumph Rocket 3 - This one was love at first sight. The first time I saw this bike, I wanted it. Triumph took the Rocket 3, introduced in 2004, that boasted the largest production motorcycle engine, and evolved it into one of my favorite bikes of all time. With a new “world’s biggest” 2500cc triple engine, the Rocket 3 flawlessly combines performance with style. Oh, and it needs to be mentioned that Triumph also made the bike almost 90 lbs lighter! The Rocket is somehow luxuriously classy, and at the same time ferociously muscular. And for fans of the Rocket 3, be sure to check out the TFC (Triumph Factory Custom) model. Only 750 were made, but it is an absolute masterpiece.

The MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR Pirelli (shown in black and yellow) - Not only does this bike look fast, to me it looks like the future. Not like Back-to-the-Future, flying car futuristic, but the future of motorcycles grounded in reality. This is the first bike I saw with spoke wheels that I didn’t immediately shun. It’s because the choice seems intentional (not just cost and weight cutting) and somehow MV has made the wheels look stylish. And this thing is a beast that gets the most out of its 798cc 3 cylinder engine, by making a whopping 140 max hp!! I don’t typically fall for race-ready bikes, but I will make an exception for this naked Dragster. From the one-of-a-kind LED tail light, and the black triple exhaust, to the wicked bar-end mirrors, I just can’t get enough of this bike.

The 2019 KTM 1290 Super Duke R - For me, part of beauty, is being able to return to something over and over and over, and still admire it. This is the Super Duke to me. I want to stare at this bike from every angle. Now, admittedly, I am sucker for black and orange and I love a well executed single-sided swing arm. A lot of the new model is carried over from the previous, but refined, sharpened, and modernized. The new TFT display and LED headlight, look amazing and the tweaked graphics make an already fast bike look even faster. Nicknamed "The Beast", the lightweight 1301cc v-twin engine makes a colossal 177 max hp.

Is this a biased opinion because I happen to ride the 2015 Super Duke? Sure it is. But, as I mentioned early on, this is my list, my opinion, my top five most beautiful motorcycles available, RIGHT NOW.

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